The science of choice and the industry of happiness

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One of the expected results in the coming years as a result of data science moving forward is the gradual dispensing of the specializations of economics, management, sociology, and others, and the emergence of a comprehensive science that performs its basic functions. This science is the science of choice. Which is based on the rules [...]

How do you face the blackboard economy?

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The challenge at hand is the discrepancy between the concepts and ideas studied in theoretical contexts, and the practical implementation of these theories on the ground. It is a pressing concern that warrants closer examination and proactive measures to mitigate its negative effects. In my upcoming article for Fortune Arabia, I will explore this issue [...]

Taming negative economic and societal biases

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A group of studies conducted in more than 40 countries has shown that there is a huge gap between what most people believe and what is real. This is in many economic and social fields. What are the reasons for that? How do we deal with this bias towards negative information and avoid its effects? [...]

Why should economic analysis of the FIFA World Cup be avoided?

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It is tempting for anyone interested in economics and business to ask about the economic impact of this tournament, and about the size of this movement in terms of investment opportunities, profits, costs and revenues. But why is it not wise to dwell on doing so? My article in Fortune Arabia (click here to read [...]

What You Don’t Know About the Origin of Feedback

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For a while, I thought that the origin of feedback dates back to the early 19th century. Then, I discovered what changed this belief, so I learned that the origin of this practice is in a strange and unexpected place. What you do not know about the origin of feedback, is my article today in [...]

Metaverse Applications in Economics and Business

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Metaverse has emerged as a new reality created through the convergence of several technologies, namely virtual reality, augmented reality, and the Internet of Things. It is a 3D world that can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection. Metaverse is still in its early stages of development, but it turns out that it has [...]

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About The Puzzle of Money, Happiness, and The Economy

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Increasing income and its ambiguous relationship to being happy, the decisive effect of social comparison, and the transformation of the economy into an economy of happiness. The topic of my article in Fortune Arabia. Click here to read the full article.

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The New Economy And The Management Psychology

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The new economy ( knowledge economy) casts thick shadows on most of the management concepts and organizational behaviors that we are accustomed to, some of which are hidden, and others appear in a new form. Describing the modern face of management psychology that qualifies it to sustain and continue under the new economy, my article [...]

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Management and economics articles, between news and influence.

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My first article in the prestigious Fortune Magazine website It is not my concern in this article to visit the news and come up with its reasons, elements, models, sources, and methods of editing, but it is all my business in dealing with the role played by the news of management and economics today, and [...]

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