Professionals are at the mercy of the Red Queen

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The traditional concept of paid work is no longer the same as before, as the equation of professional success has changed, and both sides are currently being reshaped with new values under the robe of the Red Queen. My article today in Al Khaleej newspaper, click here to read.

Director Hayy Ibn Yaqzan

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Whether the adventure of Hayy Ibn Yaqzan happened in reality, or in the imagination of previous generations, it remains inspiring. And what do we, the administrators, need other than a bud of inspiration touched by the light of determination, to blossom into achievement and distinction? The article is published in Harvard Business Review Arabia, read [...]

How do you invest your annual vacation in reinventing yourself?

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Many professionals wait for the summer to enjoy their annual vacations. Some spend them with family at their place of residence, while others travel seeking to discover new places, join extended family, or just relax and have a good time. It is no secret that the benefits of annual leave and its positive effects in [...]

Do we need a new concept of wealth?

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The contemporary concept of wealth is a complex one, as it is a mixture of traditional and modern ideas. We still believe that wealth can positively or negatively affect our lives, but we also believe that we can influence our wealth through our actions. The need for a different concept compatible with wealth is the [...]

Horizontal antagonism and the paradox of imperfect similarity

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There is a prevailing view in the world of companies, economies and markets that they are arenas where competition thrives. It is true that competition is often a natural part of the market function, but it is not an absolute healthy phenomenon. One of the unhealthy forms of competition is what is known as horizontal [...]

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How do we deal with the dilemma of super-excellent institutions?

By |2023-06-23T16:22:45+00:00June 6th, 2023|

Super-excellent institutions that have traversed stages and made strides in the application of institutional excellence methodologies and winning its awards, face a psychological administrative dilemma that affects their behaviors and decisions in various ways. What are the "peak bumps" in institutional excellence? And how can we deal with them? This is the subject of my [...]

Doing Good Economy

By |2023-06-23T16:04:37+00:00May 29th, 2023|

The emergence of this model in corporate business and its comparison with traditional economic models in terms of achieving benefit and profitability. What can be done to reinforce this trend? How can organizations know their current status and measure their overall impact on society? The topic of my article today in the Gulf newspaper. Click [...]

The science of choice and the industry of happiness

By |2023-03-22T11:54:35+00:00March 22nd, 2023|

One of the expected results in the coming years as a result of data science moving forward is the gradual dispensing of the specializations of economics, management, sociology, and others, and the emergence of a comprehensive science that performs its basic functions. This science is the science of choice. Which is based on the rules [...]

How do you face the blackboard economy?

By |2023-03-11T19:51:05+00:00March 11th, 2023|

The challenge at hand is the discrepancy between the concepts and ideas studied in theoretical contexts, and the practical implementation of these theories on the ground. It is a pressing concern that warrants closer examination and proactive measures to mitigate its negative effects. In my upcoming article for Fortune Arabia, I will explore this issue [...]

Taming negative economic and societal biases

By |2022-12-20T07:55:13+00:00December 19th, 2022|

A group of studies conducted in more than 40 countries has shown that there is a huge gap between what most people believe and what is real. This is in many economic and social fields. What are the reasons for that? How do we deal with this bias towards negative information and avoid its effects? [...]

Why should economic analysis of the FIFA World Cup be avoided?

By |2022-12-20T07:57:44+00:00November 28th, 2022|

It is tempting for anyone interested in economics and business to ask about the economic impact of this tournament, and about the size of this movement in terms of investment opportunities, profits, costs and revenues. But why is it not wise to dwell on doing so? My article in Fortune Arabia (click here to read [...]


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