It was my pleasure attending the BGS distinguished speakers series in ADU this week. The workshop focused on innovation in Finland, Ritta Swan the Finnish Ambassador presented the high worldwide ranking of Finland in education, healthcare, innovation and other sectors. Mr. Mohamaed Abdelrehim Head of NOKIA Middle East Market Solutions shed the light on the history of innovation in NOKIA and its current and future focus. Dr. Annukk Berg Senior Government Policy Analysis Specialist in the Finnish Prime Minister’s Office suggested the experimental innovation as an effective tool to improve innovative practices.


Dr. Rassel Kassem د. راسل قاسم

Form the left, Dr. Fauzia Jabeen (Associate professor of management, ADU), Pr. Dr. Eric Fouache (Vice Chancellor, Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi), Dr. Bjorn Kjerfve (Chancellor, American University of Sharjah), and Dr. Rassel Kassem