• 4G Mapping Tool

    This tool aims mainly to show detailed linkages between the fourth generation of Abu Dhabi Government excellence model and the old one, which is EFQM-based. Organizations which are shifting from the EFQM model to the 4G model will get benefit from utilizing this tool by obtaining a better understanding of how to fit their enablers and results within the new model criteria, and keep track of the current improvement projects. Access the Tool
  • This initiative aims to simplify the recent research published in the top academic journals and present it in a concise form that helps professionals to benefit from it.
  • Keeping up with the new updates in management practices is difficult and stressful for many, and not to follow-up is not an option. To contribute to addressing this challenge, I have issued a management newsletter that includes a list of recommended management articles, books, and research papers published over the past month that are worth reading.


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